2-Methoxyethyl chloride

CAS No 627-42-9
Application Pharmaceutical, Agro Intermediate
Synonyms 2-Chloroethyl methyl ether;
Formula C3H7ClO
Molecular weight 94.5 g/mol
Intermediate For Acetochlor; Naloxegol; Tetroxoprim

2-Propoxyethyl chloride

CAS No 42149-74-6
Application Agro Intermediate
Synonyms 1-(2-Chloroethoxy)propane;
2-Chloroethyl propyl ether
Formula C5H11ClO
Molecular weight 122.6 g/mol
Intermediate For Pretilachlor

Methoxyacetyl chloride

CAS No 38870-89-2
Application Pharmaceutical, Agro Intermediate
Synonyms 2-Methoxyacetyl chloride;
alpha-Methoxyacetyl chloride;
Methoxyacetic acid chloride
Formula C3H5ClO2
Molecular weight 108.5 g/mol
Intermediate For Febantel; Brifentanil; Metalaxyl; Iopromide; Oxadixyl; Mibefradil Dihydrochloride

n-Butyryl chloride

CAS No 141-75-3
Application Pharmaceautical, Agro Intermediate
Synonyms Butanoyl chloride;Butyric chloride
Butyric acid chloride;n-Butanoyl chloride
Formula C4H7ClO
Molecular weight 106.55 g/mol

n-Valeroyl Chloride

CAS No 638-29-9
Application Pharmaceutical, Agro Intermediate
Synonyms Valeryl chloride;
n-Valeric acide chloride
;Pentanoyl chloride
Formula C5H9ClO
Molecular weight 120.58 g/mol
Intermediate For Irbesartan; Valsartan; Dronedarone; Diflucortolone valerate; Pyrovalerone; Hexaconazole

Octanoyl chloride

Octanoyl chloride Transpek

CAS No 111-64-8
Application Pharamaceutical, Agro Intermediate, Speciality Chemicals, Polymer
Synonyms n-Octanoyl chloride;
Octanoic acid chloride;
Caprylic acid chloride; Capryloyl chloride
Formula C8H15ClO
Molecular weight 162.7 g/mol
Intermediate For Orlistat; Bromoxynil octanoate; Ioxynil octanoate; Fingolimod; Intermediate for Thiocarboxylate silane, Perfluoroctanoic acid, Dioctanyl Peroxide

Propargyl Chloride Solution

Propargyl Chloride Solution Transpek

CAS No 624-65-7
Application Pharmaceutical, Agro Intermediate, Speciality Chemicals
Synonyms Propargyl chloride; 3-Chloropropyne; 3-Chloro-1-Propyne;  1-Propyne, 3-chloro-; 2-Propynyl chloride; Gamma chloroallylene
Formula  HC≡CCH2Cl
Molecular weight 74.51  g/mol
Intermediate For Rimoprogin; Rasagilline; Salegilene; Clodinafop propargyl; Parconazole; Brightening additives for Nickel plating

Sulphur Dichloride

CAS No 10545-99-0
Application Pharmaceutical, Agro Intermediate, Dyes
Synonyms Sulfur chloride, Dichlorosulfane
Formula SCl2
Molecular weight 102.97 g/mol
Intermediate For Bithionol; Timolol, Benfuracarb; Temephos; Thiodicarb; Pigment Green 7; Sulfametrole; Thidazuron; as Vulcanization agent

Thionyl Chloride

CAS No 7719-09-7
Application Pharmaceutical, Agro Intermediate, Dyes
Synonyms Sulfur oxychloride, Sulfurous oxychloride, Sulfinyl Chloride, Dochlorosulfoxide, Sulfurmonoxide dichloride
Formula SOCl2
Molecular weight 118.97 g/mol
Intermediate For Chlorinating agent for caboxylic acids, alcohol and active methylene.Used in the industrial production of organochlorine compounds which are often intermediates in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, dyestuffs, energy, optical brighteners.