Uses :

Intermediate for organic synthesis e.g. Folic Acid, Direct Brown 100, Direct Orange 100, Direct Orange 74, Direct Red 156, Direct Yellow 15, Direct Yellow 66, Direct Yellow 62, Procainamide, Arylbenzamide, Sulfonyl Azetidines, 4,4' Diaminobenzanilide.









Nomenclature Para Nitrobenzoyl Chloride, P-Nitrobenzoyl Chloride, 4-Nitrobenzoyl Chloride
Formula C7H4CINO3
CAS No. [ 122- 04- 3 ]
Chemical Structure

Molecular Weight 185.57 gm/mole
Appearance Yellowish Solid Flakes
Assay (By Chemical Method) 98.5% Min.
Melting Point 70oC Min.


Packing. 40 Kgs. in co-extruded carboy with three liner bags inside.
Transport Classification. UN No 1759.
Ems No.   8-15
IMCO Class 8
Mfag. No. 760
Packing Group II
Precautions Prolonged exposure to skin causes irritation. Inhalation to be avoided. Protective equipment recommended while handling.