Environment, Health and Safety

Our company has adopted a sustainable method of doing business. It attempts to create a culture wherein environment, health and safety come first. Company aims to undertake all possible measures to ensure clean environment within its premises and surrounding areas. Measures are taken to curb and control the effluents, gases and other harmful substances from the plant and safe disposal of hazardous substances. Constant efforts are placed to adopt new measures and methods that help in enhancing safety and health leading to a better working environment.


Since the company is engaged in manufacturing of hazardous products safety is given utmost importance. The operating procedures are designed in a manner that ensures the safety of the employees working on the site. All the employees are given necessary safety trainings at the time of joining as well as during their employment. We continuously invest in various safety equipments.


Company also adheres to BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management. Through this system, Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment of all the activities are carried out. Awareness is continuous being created at all levels through training including contractors and other interested parties.

We consider environment protection as one of our major responsibilities. Operations are carried out in an environmentally sustainable manner. We strive for a performance that not only fulfills the regulatory requirements but also reduces the negative impact on the surroundings.

Environment Protection

We adhere to ISO 14001:2004 systems within its operations for ensuring the same. We apply production processes that avoid adverse effect on the environment by employing responsible waste management and minimization, energy efficiency and community relations.

We have Full-fledged Effluent management system with a licensed discharge facility to the central Effluent channel. Our company has 100 acres of land with a green belt of more than 30,000 trees within its premises.